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Pinkyracer Rides The Brammo Empulse

We don’t really need all that power, but this is America, and we’re nothing if not obsessed with power. James told me the most exciting ride of his life was following me through LA traffic on the Brammo Empulses we rode today. Today was just another day of freedom to me, only more free because I didn’t have to buy gas. To survive LA traffic, motorcyclists have to be fast and sure. “He who hesitates in war is lost.” are words to live by here. But how fast is fast enough? Would the street version of the bike that won the TTXGP World Championship be fast enough to survive LA traffic?

November 12th

Recycled Hawtness: Yamaha's R1 Sexes Up a Vintage Mini

Yamaha’s R1 is a the company’s flagship sport-bike, carrying the brand’s colors in World SuperBike competition and winning several races and championships since the bike’s introduction in 1998. The original Austin Mini, after a vigorous massage at the hands of John Cooper, was a world-beater in its own right, winning the 1964 Monte Carlo rally […]

July 9th

The Ultimate Hooligan Bike | 2012 Zero S ZF9 Review

Last night Josh at Hollywood Electrics made the mistake of handing me the key to a 2012 Zero S ZF9, the most powerful electric motorcycle currently on dealer floors. He was on the phone, so neglected to tell me it wasn’t their demo model, but one he actually wanted to sell. 20 miles later….

March 20th