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Touring Musicians Turn to Veggie Oil with Greenvans

Part Two of an ongoing series featuring entrepreneurs who utilize straight or waste vegetable oil (SVO/WVO) to fuel their businesses while reducing their carbon footprints. [social_buttons] For every U2 and Bon Jovi—touring the world in private jets and spacious tour buses—there are thousands of working musicians making their way to the clubs and bars of […]

December 9th

1967 Mercury Cougar With Mercedes Turbodiesel Engine Runs on Biodiesel

[social_buttons] This is actually old news that recently resurfaced, and as a lifelong Cougar aficionado I can’t pass it up. In actuality, the Mercury Cougar was a refined, “gentleman’s muscle car” based on the 1st generation Mustang. It came standard with a number of gas-guzzling V8 motors including the epic “Boss” 302. But the pristine-looking […]

September 10th

One Year and 15,000 Miles in a Grease Car

[social_buttons] Ten Things I’ve Learn About Driving A Car Powered by Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) What makes a seemingly rational guy, who can afford to drive pretty much whatever car he wants to, trade in his shiny, new Audi for a 27-year old Mercedes 240D that runs on waste or straight vegetable oil (WVO/SVO)?  Well, […]

August 10th

More Businesses Turning To Waste Veggie Oil For Vehicles… and More

Editor’s Note: This is Part One in a series of articles by John Rarrick examining how small businesses are turning to Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) to tighten their belts while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprints. Like many small business owners, Jose Duarte, Chef/Owner of Taranta, in Boston, MA, is constantly looking for ways to control […]

February 20th

Healthy Beverage Company Delivers More Than Just Drinks With Fleet of Electric Cars and a WVO Mobile Tasting Bus

Editor’s Note: John is one of the newest additions to the Gas 2.0 writing team. Welcome John! When Greg Steltenpohl, Chairman and Co-founder of Adina, the San Francisco-based healthy beverage company, does something, one might say he takes it to the extreme. His company’s tagline, “Drink No Evil”, even applies to their vehicles — including […]

December 17th

Portland's Grease Wars: Battling for Biodiesel-Bound Cooking Oil

Used-cooking-oil, the golden-brown waste product left over from making French-fries, doesn’t strike most of us as a particularly valuable commodity. But recycled grease represents a source of cheap energy to some, one that can be converted to biodiesel or used directly as a substitute for diesel fuel. Having collected waste oil for both of these […]

January 4th