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Myth No. 6: Ethanol Gets More Subsidies than Oil

When I wrote “5 Ethanol Myths Exposed – as Crap!” a few days ago, I knew that it would upset some people (cognitive dissonance, and all that), but I was more surprised by the number of people leaving comments like this one, below, left by Steve Shurts. Your article (re. Argonne’s study) ignored the real […]

July 4th

GOP Puppet Group AAPS Moves to Block Ethanol and Biofuels

Every once in a while, I read something that doesn’t quite jive.  Sometimes it’s a simple typo or a misplaced decimal point, and a quick double-take + common sense will straighten things out.  Other times, like when I read a report on Autoblog Green about the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) predicting a […]

April 7th

Republican Congress to De-Green DC

In a series of moves that are either laughably backwards or just fundamentally stupid, the newly-elected Tea-Party wingnut Republican majority has taken swift, immediate action to de-green … the cafeteria. Really. John Boehner, the new Speaker of the House, announced the moves AWAY from green initiatives like ecologically sustainable utensils and trays made from corn […]

March 1st

$400 Per Gallon Gas And The Green War Of The Future

[social_buttons] The U.S. military has been pushing for the development of alternative fuels for a while now, and nobody paid much attention until the Pentagon finally put a price tag on the oil habit. As reported by Roxana Tiron in, last week Pentagon officials disclosed that getting conventional petroleum fuel to remote combat locations […]

October 19th