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Urbanites Who Walk Through Natural Environments Benefit Mentally

By Cynthia Shahan Half of the population lives in urban areas, and this is expected to keep increasing. A new report published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences notes that, in 2050, up to 70% of the population may be living the city life. Improved parks with pedestrian paths will offer an opportunity for valuable nature […]

August 5th

Rural Folk Bike and Walk as Much as City Slickers

A report released by the Rails to Trails Conservancy  asserts that people in rural areas walk and bike at rates much like their metropolitan counterparts. The “Active Transportation Beyond Urban Centers” reveals important details about America’s travel patterns in rural communities that the Rails to Trails Conservancy hopes will garner support for more federal investment […]

February 6th

House Transportation Bill Cuts Funding To Bikers, Walkers, In Favor Of Highways

There is no question that America’s highway infrastructure is in dire straits, and they need to be fixed. Unfortunately, a too-low gas tax and misplaced priorities have seen infrastructure constantly shuffled to the back of the pack, especially when it comes to promoting public transit options, walkable spaces, and bike paths. President Obama and Transportation […]

February 1st

INFOGRAPHIC: The Energy Efficiency of Movement

We’re all about getting around in the most efficient way possible, but comparing trains and cars and buses and biking can be quite a headache. Luckily, the fine people at Wellhome have provided with an infographic that does just that. I could blather on and on and on about the info in this graphic, but […]