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Electric Version of the VW up! Unveiled

As if the Volkswagen pp! wasn’t frugal enough, the engineers at VW have decided to create an all-electric version of the tiny city car: the e-up! This will in fact be Volkswagen’s very first production electric vehicle, and while it’s unlikely to make it to the states, it is a large step forward for the German manufacturer.

March 20th

VW Up! Getting Two-Cylinder Diesel Engine

In the endless pursuit of higher fuel economy, Volkswagen is thinking small; really, really small. In fact, Vdub is cutting one of its most popular engines, the 1.6 liter TDI, in half. This will create a two-cylinder diesel engine that will deliver impressive fuel economy for some of VW’s most expensive, and least expensive vehicles.

October 29th

For Greenpeace, Volkswagen has Fallen to the Dark Side of The Force

With 2012 fast approaching, Greenpeace continues to take a stand against car manufacture Volkswagen (VW). According to Greenpeace, despite the green image Volkswagen likes to portray, VW is at the heart of a group of companies lobbying against new laws which Greenpeace sees as need to cut CO2 emissions, reduce mankind’s oil use, and protect places like the Arctic from climate change.

November 8th

Tesla Co-Founder Joins Volkswagen of America

[social_buttons] According to AutoblogGreen, ousted Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard has confirmed he is indeed working on Volkswagen of America’s EV lineup. The rumor was first reported back in March of 2009 by a Tesla employee who remains anonymous. Since then, Eberhard’s defamation/breach of contract suit against the company has ended. The dispute was with Tesla’s […]

January 22nd