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7th-Generation Volkswagen Golf Hits U.S. Shores Soon

If there is one car that will help Volkswagen on its goals towards world domination, it is the Golf. This plucky little hatchback has seen duty in literally dozens of countries, including America, where its reputation as a solid, efficient, and fun performer proceed it. Now Volkswagen is bringing a new Golf to the U.S., its seventh generation of the reputable hatchback, and this new Golf comes with a bevy of turbocharged engines.

March 27th

The VW Golf GTD, A Diesel Commuter With Cajones

Interest in diesel-powered vehicles has lept up in America as fuel prices soar. Those in-the-know can tell you all about their 47+ MPG diesel commuters, most of them coming with a VW badge. Indeed, Volkswagen is one of the largest seller of diesel passenger cars in the world.

If anybody can convince America to fully embrace the diesel engine, it is Volkswagen. And if any car can showcase the joy of driving a diesel, it is the VW Golf GTD.

September 13th

New VW Golf BlueMotion Gets 74 MPG and 99g/KM: On Sale Mid-2009

[social_buttons] Earlier this week, Volkswagen unveiled its Golf Mark VI BlueMotion concept car, which looks set to raise the bar on the fuel efficiency and emissions performance of ‘mainstream’ cars. At just 99g/km, the new hatchback emits exactly the same amount of CO2 as the much smaller Polo BlueMotion. It also undercuts current main rival, […]

September 10th