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Virginia’s Governor Proposes Anti-EV Legislation

In some parts of the country, there is a very real and rational discussion about the role electric vehicles will play in transportation, especially when it comes to paying taxes. Without the need to buy gasoline, EVs avoid paying for taxes on the same roads they use. But a proposal by Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell would eliminate the gas tax, while levying a $115 a year free on electric and plug-in hybrid drivers. Seriously?

January 28th

All Electric Taxi Company Ready For Prime Time?

Traditional American taxis have been based on the aging and massive Ford Crown Victoria. But a new millennium calls for new answers to transportation, and a Virginia taxi company wants to be on the cutting edge. The Electric Vehicle Taxicab Company hopes to provide customers with a modern transit experience via a fleet of electric cars equipped with Apple iPad tablets.

October 31st

Cars' Kinetic Energy Used to Generate Electricity

New Energy Technology, Inc. (NET) has created a novel method for generating electricity using existing vehicles by way of its MotionPower™ System. NET, in partnership with the City of Roanoke, VA, debuted the electricity-generating system (the first of its kind) the last week of October. Around 580 vehicles participated in the 6 hour event, the […]

November 23rd