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Video: Tesla Model S Beats Viper At Drag Strip, Sets EV Racing Record

Most electric vehicles are slow, practical affairs designed for a pedestrian life of going from point A to point B in a leisurely, efficient fashion. But not the Tesla Model S, a performance electric sedan that has the same acceleration as many supercars. Don’t believe us? Watch this video of a Model S sedan handily defeating a Dodge Viper SRT10 at the drag strip this past weekend.

January 29th

Bristol Motors Bought by Frazer-Nash, is EV Fighter Next?

Last week, British “boutique” car-builder Bristol was saved from the global carpocalypse purchased by Frazer-Nash – ensuring that fans of the marque (and Bristol owners!) have good reason for optimism. Green-car fans can find something to be happy about in this news as well:  Frazer-Nash has recently been applying its own historic name to advanced […]

May 7th

Jaguar Wins Big In Green Vehicle Cash Handouts

Jaguar Land Rover has scooped a big slice of $80m in grants made available by the UK government’s Technology Strategy Board to further low and zero carbon motoring. The grants were shared out between six projects; Jaguar are the lead developer for three of them and a consortium partner for another one. All consortium partners […]

September 20th

Tax Cars Based On Engine Size?

There are lots of ways our government is trying to gently nudge (or coerce) automakers into making more fuel efficient cars. There are of course the upgraded CAFE standards, which demand a fleet-wide fuel economy average for cars of 35.5 mpg by 2016. The Feds have also given out billions in low-interest loans to electric […]

March 30th