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Jaguar May Eventually Dump V8 Engines Entirely

In a world of rising gas prices, strict emissions standards, and a demand for better and better performance, automakers face often conflicting goals. Jaguar, which has built massive V12 engines in the past to power their coupes and luxury cars, is the first niche automaker to admit that it may one day ditch V8 (or larger) engines entirely

August 25th

Video: Reboot Buggy Brings The Automobile Back To Basics

Automakers don’t get nearly enough credit considering how far cars have come in the past 20 years. Besides being far safer and more powerful, cars are also crammed full of all sorts of technological doodads designed to coddle already-spoiled consumers. But the Reboot Buggy does away with all that fluff and gets back to basics with a bare-bones box-on-wheels that espouses the less-is-more mindset.

August 9th