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Jaguar May Eventually Dump V8 Engines Entirely

In a world of rising gas prices, strict emissions standards, and a demand for better and better performance, automakers face often conflicting goals. Jaguar, which has built massive V12 engines in the past to power their coupes and luxury cars, is the first niche automaker to admit that it may one day ditch V8 (or larger) engines entirely

August 25th

Green is the New Fast, Part 2: Maybach Lives!

When it was introduced several years ago, Mercedes’ ultra-luxury Maybach line was originally intended to compete with offerings from BMW’s Rolls-Royce and Volkswagen’s Bentley. To put it mildly: Maybach flopped, selling only a fraction of the cars Rolls and Bentley did year after year. Maybach was such a spectacular failure that many industry analysts predicted […]

September 3rd

Go Fast, Go Green; 500 HP E-85 Powered Quad

For some reason, gearheads and greenies (that is how I refer to you, deal) don’t really seem to get along. There is this huge gap between people who like to go fast and people who are trying to reduce their carbon footprint. I admit, many vehicles with speed as a primary concern are far from […]

August 12th