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The USPS, or: Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Let’s say you live in California (hypothetically). Next, let’s say you wanted to get a package from your address in California to another address in California. Finally, let’s say that you wanted your package to get to its new California home (from its old California home) quickly and efficiently. Pay special attention to “quickly and […]

April 28th

USPS Report Says Total Collapse is Imminent (Yay?)

The United States Postal Service is headed off a cliff, and – according to the US Government Accountability Office – few are even giving its demise a second thought. That’s the same USPS, by the way, that was once a great source of national pride, that united America’s coasts and transmitted vital information at incredible speeds, […]

May 29th

Corporate Vehicle Fleet Managers to Add EVs to Fleets

Fleet managers rated rising, volatile fuel prices as their top concern for 2011, over driver safety and cost savings, according to a survey conducted by General Electric Capital Fleet Services during the 2011 NAFA Institute and Expo. The survey shows that 28% of the 105 corporate fleet managers they questioned will introduce electric vehicles into […]

May 18th

Highways to the future

Ryder, DHL, and other major hauling companies are taking major steps to lower their petroleum fuel usage, opting to purchase fleets of fuel-efficient and alternative-energy trucks Truck leasing company Ryder has ordered over 200 natural gas powered trucks (in addition to its growing fleet of hybrid trucks) to add to its fleet in Southern California. […]

April 20th

Canada Post Purchases Over 1,000 Ford Transit Connect Vans

The U.S. Postal Service is undergoing a series of dramatic changes soon as the fiscal belt tightening continues. There has been a lot of talk about cancelling Saturday deliveries and switching the fleet of postal vehicles over from gas to electric or other alternative fuels. The Canadian postal service is taking a different route. They […]

March 19th