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Green Politics Heats Up On Capitol Hill

The approval rating of the US Congress and the Senate is very poor right now – and for good reason. These elected officials are consistently taking out of both side of their mouth. Example, while the US military is pushing hard for green technology Republicans in the House of Representatives are trying to push through the so called “No More Solyndras Act”.

October 3rd

America’s Military Wants BioFuels

The U.S. military is the nation’s single largest consumer of oil and wants to wean itself from petroleum. Because the U.S. military is an organization of action; it is using its buying power and authority to commercialize alternative and bio fuel technologies.

October 2nd

US Military: Green Technology = National Security

The United States military is inextricably linked with oil in a number of ways, many of those the $20 billion the Pentagon spends on oil for the military every year. The actual cost of that oil, though, isn’t just the price for the precious liquid itself – it also must include the logistical problems of […]

April 15th

$400 Per Gallon Gas And The Green War Of The Future

[social_buttons] The U.S. military has been pushing for the development of alternative fuels for a while now, and nobody paid much attention until the Pentagon finally put a price tag on the oil habit. As reported by Roxana Tiron in, last week Pentagon officials disclosed that getting conventional petroleum fuel to remote combat locations […]

October 19th