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Might The Military Make EVs Mainstream?

America has the world’s largest military by far, spending more than the next 20 countries combined. When we’re not invading other countries, the military of developing world-changing technologies like GPS and the Internet, technologies that once seemed impossibly expensive for the average person to own. So one writer is asking; can the military make EVs mainstream?

US Military: Green Technology = National Security

The United States military is inextricably linked with oil in a number of ways, many of those the $20 billion the Pentagon spends on oil for the military every year. The actual cost of that oil, though, isn’t just the price for the precious liquid itself – it also must include the logistical problems of […]

April 15th

Smith Electric Reveals New EV Step Van For FedEx

One of the quiet success stories in the EV world has been Smith Electric. This company is slowly but surely signing on one big business after another, and Smith EV’s are becoming a more common sign in cities across the U.S. Ever charging forward, Smith has revealed a step-van version of its Newton electric van, […]

March 12th

Military's New Super-Efficient Humvee Gets 6.8 MPG

The US Military’s new humvee prototype, the FED ‘Alpha,’ consumes 70% less fuel than previous models. And yes, even 6.8 MPG will save millions on overall fuel costs. Anyone delivering fuel to the battlefield understands just how important these savings are. On the field per gallon fuel costs can exceed hundreds of dollars, and delivery […]

January 17th