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Need a Gas Guzzler? Get a Tiny EV!

You hear it again and again whenever you hear someone try to justify the massive new gas-guzzler they’ve just parked in their driveway. “I’d love to get something more green, but I need a big car/truck/SUV for my kids/dogs/towing.” Throw in a little petulant whine on the “need” and I’m sure it’ll seem immediately familiar. Oh, if only one of those little plug-in electric cars – you know, the ones that have enough range and trunk space to be able to handle a huge majority of our driving needs – would come free with that big gas-guzzler!

August 7th

Suzie Q, Baby I Love You … in Tokyo!

I can’t prove it, but I just know that Suzuki’s marketers were listening to Creedence when they christened the company’s Renault Twizy-fighter they’re set to debut in Tokyo at this year’s 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.  Like the Twizy (and VW’s Nils, for that matter), Suzuki’s Q seats 2 in tandem, with an adjustable rear seating […]

November 12th

IAA EV Rundown

The IAA 2011 is fast approaching – it starts Thursday, Sept. 15th in Frankfurt and will go on until the 25th. This year, electric cars get their own display – all of Hall 4. The usual suspects – Opel Ampera, Citroen C-ZERO, Renault Twizy, Peugeot iOn and the BMW prototype i3 and i8 – will all be there. Visitors can not only get information, but sign up to test drive a variety of electric cars.

September 12th