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Via's Electric Pickup Truck Factory Opens in Mexico

Via Motors EV Truck Manufacturing Plant Opened In Mexico (via EV Obsession) VIA Motors, makers of the VTRUX brand of extended-range plug-in trucks, just launched its first high-volume electric vehicle assembly plant this week, located in a new facility in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The facility — which is strategically placed…  

November 16th

Volvo Predicts a Slot-car Future for Over-the-road Semis

By running electrically-charged power lines through long stretches of highway roads, Volvo hopes to offer long-haul truckers electric vehicles that don’t have to stop to re-charge. Volvo’s doing this by bringing small toy technology from the 70s and 80s back, in a big way. I’m talking, of course, about slot-cars! Those of you who’ve reached […]

June 16th

Volvo Builds 2000 hp Hybrid Racer

Boije Overbrink is a Swedish truck driver with a need for speed, and ol’ Overbrink aims to meet that need with his big green buddy, Mean Green. Mean Green is Volvo’s latest attempt at building a record-breaker. Overbrink plans to enter Mean Green in a number of 500m and 1000m drag-race-style events, aiming to break […]

March 24th

GM, Chrysler Announce CNG Pickups

Republicans and Democrats don’t agree on a lot of things these days, but one area that seems to have bi-partisan support is compressed natural gas, or CNG vehicles. America supposedly sits on huge natural gas reserves, and automakers seem more than happy to oblige an alternative to oil. Within a day of each other, both […]