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Mitsubishi Fuso Wins Innovation Award

Diesels and gas-electric hybrids have been fighting for the top of the mile-per-gallon heap for years now, with proponents on each side rightly pointing out their chosen automotive messiah’s pros vs. the other’s cons ever since the first Insight and Prius hit the US market a decade ago. Don’t think, however, that it’s just the […]

November 24th

Japan Invents the Electric Baby Bike

Looking every inch like something Margaret won’t let me put my baby on, the Assista mamachiri (Japanese for “Mama bike”, sorta) is a fully geared pedal-assist bicycle that – surely! – can be easily hacked to positively blitz through modern-day Chicago traffic at break-neck totally safe for babies speeds. It’s enough to make the great Nils Ferber (king of the bike-nutters) giggle.

October 26th

Tokyo Auto Show: Honda CR-Z Hybrid Coming To America

[social_buttons] I don’t normally get excited about hybrids. They’re pretty humdrum if you ask me, and I was into performance vehicles way before I was into alternative fuels. The Prius is boring, the Fusion is just a Fusion, and the Insight and downright ugly. But Honda seems to have been listening, having announced that the […]

October 22nd