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Dubai Proposes Car Ownership Ban…For The Poor

Dubai’s director general Hussain Lootah has suggested banning poor people from owning cars in an effort to reduce highway congestion. This “income threshold” would prevent all but the wealthiest of Dubai’s residents from driving on the country’s high-speed highways. Oil-rich Dubai is in many ways a car lover’s dream, home to more high-end exotics per […]

February 12th

Traffic Pollution Linked To Autism…Again

Autism is a cause of growing concern in the scientific community, with more and more children seemingly diagnosed with one of the many mental disabilities that fall under the autism label. While researchers have linked autism with obvious culprits like industrial food processing, a new study suggests a strong link between high traffic pollution and children born with autism.

November 27th

California State Assembly Votes on 3-ft Rule For Bicyclists

Many people cite safety as the biggest reason they’re not commuting via bicycle, self included. Don’t cue the violins, I’m lucky to have had a full recovery from the crash I’m really sick of talking about, and I know my own road rage had some part in it. However, if seeing a cyclist in a wheelchair tugs at your heartstrings, go right ahead and urge your local Assembly member to vote yes on 1464.

August 24th

Genuine's New Lemonhead Buddy is a 100+ mpg Sweetie

I’m not gonna lie, Genuine’s Buddy line of small-displacement scooters have a special place in my heart. Over the past twelve months, I spent (quite literally) hundreds of hours riding various scoots, from Honda Metros to big-engined maxis, and the Buddy was always “just right”. It’s a “Goldilocks” bike, in other words … and now, thanks to Ferrara Pan and the introduction of this new Lemonhead model, the lil’ Buddys have gotten a lil’ bit sweeter.

July 12th

Honda Developing Tech To Keep Idiots From Making Traffic Jams Worse

America’s reliance on automobiles is causing many cities to experience maddening levels of traffic congestion. I have personally experienced the unending hell that is traffic congestion ins Los Angeles, made all the worse by drivers who insisted on attaching themselves to your bumper. If you’re one of these idiots, you should know that you’re not […]

Time to Die: Drifting, Downhill Big Wheels (video)

That right there? That’s a bunch of idiots grown men drifting adult-sized big wheels at dangerous speeds, downhill, against traffic … and it looks super fun! Check out the video. Looks great, doesn’t it? Right about now you’re probably asking yourself why this super-awesome video is showing up on a “green” car blog – but […]

March 3rd