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Speed Dating: 2016 Honda HR-V EX-L Navi AWD

When it was introduced in the late 90s, the original Honda CR-V was an innovative car-based SUV that promised to combine an SUV’s all-weather capabilities and high seating position with a car’s fuel economy. It was a formula that was wildly successful, and which spawned rivals like the Toyota RAV-4, Hyundai Tucson, and- depending on […]

December 29th

We Need to Talk: 2015 Toyota Yaris SE

There’s no point in beating around the bush on this one. I really, really liked the little red 2015 Toyota Yaris SE I test-drove last week. There were a few things, small things, that kept it from being perfect. For the first time since we started using this “car dating” format, though, this was a […]

August 31st

Formula Donk: Pirelli, Lotus Test 18″ Tires (w/ Video)

Relevance. That’s been the buzzword behind the most recent technical regulations in Formula 1, which (unlike NASCAR) saw the proliferation of turbos and the explosive growth of hybrid-electric road cars with moveable aero and said “that’s the future – that’s where we need to be!” Now, after years of running 13″ wheels on its cars, […]

July 12th