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Tesla Liquid-Cooled Supercharger Video

A thermal imaging video of the new Tesla liquid-cooled Supercharger has found its way onto YouTube, thanks to Tesla forum member KManAuto. The first facility so equipped is found just down the hill from Tesla headquarters in Mountain View, California, and there could be a lot of benefits to using liquid cooling. The video features thermal imaging that […]

June 25th

Swedish Business Owner Buys Two 60 KW Tesla Superchargers

With nearly 500 Supercharger locations spread out across the word, Tesla is moving fast to ensure its customers have easy access to their fast and free charging network. Yet there are still plenty of gaps in the Supercharger network’s coverage, and the much slower “destination chargers” just aren’t enough for some people. That prompted Swedish […]

Tesla’s China Problems Summed Up In One Picture

In January Elon Musk admitted that Tesla sales in China were a lot lower than expected, with many customers worried about where to plug their Model S in. While Tesla wants to alleviate charging worries with 400 public charging stations and free home chargers for new Model S owners, this picture accurately sums up the […]

February 24th