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Ten Tesla Facts You Might Not Know

Even with all the news Tesla Motors and Elon Musk are making these days, there’s still a lot of questions we have about the world’s pre-eminent electric automaker. Visual Capitalist put together this infrographic of ten Tesla facts you might not know about, and I’ll admit, at least one of these facts I didn’t know […]

Tesla Planning Aggressive European Expansion

Tesla Superchargers should cover most of Europe by the end of 2014, according to Elon Musk, with 30 new Tesla stores planned for the Old World as well. It’s part of a plan to aggressively market the Model S to foreign customers, with Musk expecting European and Asian sales to almost double North American sales […]

Tesla Model S Breaks 25,000 Unit Barrier

In just over a year, Tesla Motors has become the single most talked-about brand in the world, and all the talk about Tesla has no doubt helped sales of the Model S. Even though the California company doesn’t release sales numbers, global sales reports indicate Tesla has sold at least 25,000 electric sedans to date.

January 9th

Could GM Buy Tesla In 2014?

Tesla Motors is the talk of both Silicon Valley and Wall Street, with analysts and futurists alike predicting that Elon Musk’s electric automaker could be a major acquisition for a tech giant like Google or Apple. Speculation has shifted in however, with some analysts predicting that a major U.S. automaker, potentially GM, could make a […]

January 1st

Tesla Considers Building A Big Battery Factory of Its Own

The unparalleled success of the Tesla Model S sedan has eaten up the world’s supply of lithium-ion laptop batteries, causing the electric automaker to sign a $7 billion agreement with Panasonic for even more battery packs. But Tesla could end up building the world’s largest battery factory, with the same output as all the rest of the world’s battery producers combined.

November 7th

Daimler Seeks Greater Cooperation With Tesla

While critics were skeptical of Daimler’s purchase of Tesla stock several years ago, the investment is paying off big time. But while Daimler and Tesla are already working together on an all-electric Mercedes B-Class, the German auto conglomerate wants to work even closer with the California-based electric car maker, hoping to compete with the popular BMW i3.

November 4th

Tesla Signs $7 Billion Deal With Panasonic

Tesla Motors is one hot commodity these days, and the electric automaker is single-handedly gobbling up every laptop battery on the planet. With its plans to grow only larger and larger, Tesla is going to need a lot of batteries, leading to a $7 billion battery deal with Panasonic that expands the original 2011 deal by another four years.

October 31st

Stock Analyst Encourages Apple To Buy Tesla

Tech giant Apple has been mentioned in the same breath as electric automaker Tesla Motors time after time, and the similarities are easy to see. A German stock analyst is calling on Apple to buy Tesla Motors as a future-proof form of income, uniting two tech giants and giving Apple yet another platform to develop products for.

October 30th