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Owner Of Burned Tesla Model S Will Buy Another

Last week the car-blogging world was all aflutter over news that a Tesla Model S caught fire after it collided with a still-unspecified piece of road debris that punched a 3-inch hole in the electric car’s battery. The owner of the crispy Tesla has come forward to say that he was impressed enough with the […]

October 7th

Tesla Motors Fights For Its Own Name In China

Over in China, companies are vying to get their names and products to consumers in the fastest-growing economy in the world. This makes trademark trolling an incredibly lucrative business, as Tesla Motors is finding out. The holder of the “Tesla Motors” trademark in China wants more than $32 million for rights to the name. Ouch.

August 14th

Analysts Think Tesla Motors Will Need More Loans To Survive

For Tesla Motors, 2012 has been a good year. Production of the Tesla Model S is rolling along, and for the first time ever Tesla actually turned a weekly profit. Yet despite all the accolades and benchmarks, Tesla is still a company that owes a lot of money to a lot of people, and some market analysts think the company will need a lot more money to stay afloat.

January 4th

The Tesla Model C: Unofficial, But Really Cool Looking

Tesla Motors is keeping its cards close to its chest in regards to future vehicles. While CEO Elon Musk has dropped hints here and there, including an all-electric supercar and BMW 3-series fighter, we’re mostly left to our own devices to wonder what Tesla has planned. That has led some would-be car designers to fill in the blanks, and one in particular stood out to me. Meet the compact Tesla Model C.

November 7th