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Daimler Seeks Greater Cooperation With Tesla

While critics were skeptical of Daimler’s purchase of Tesla stock several years ago, the investment is paying off big time. But while Daimler and Tesla are already working together on an all-electric Mercedes B-Class, the German auto conglomerate wants to work even closer with the California-based electric car maker, hoping to compete with the popular BMW i3.

November 4th

Six Tesla Superchargers Open In Norway

While one might not consider cold, oil-rich Norway to be an early adopter of electric vehicles, Tesla Motors knows that Norwegians love EVs. That’s why Tesla, which is starting to focus on overseas sales of the California-made Model S, has opened six Supercharger stations in the Scandinavian state. 90% of Norway now likes with 200 miles of a Tesla supercharger.

September 9th

Tesla Sizing Up Europe And Asia For Factory Locations

Even though the Tesla Model S has been in production for just a year, things are looking mighty good for Elon Musk’s electric car company. While Tesla has a long way to go before it taps out the production capacity of the former NUMMI factory in California, executives are already sizing up overseas facilities that could eventually produce mass market EVs in Europe and Asia.

August 29th

Tesla Motors Looks To China With Cautious Optimism

With over 1.3 billion people and much of the world’s manufacturing and economic power, China holds incredible buying power and a nigh-insatiable lust for luxury goods. For high-end car makers like Tesla Motors though, selling products in China is both a risky and worthwhile endeavor, and it seems like Elon’s electric automaker already has pent-up demand in the Peoples’ Republic.

August 1st

Tesla Motors Aiming For Performance Over Luxury

How does one define a performance car versus a luxury car? Surely one would not call the $110,000 Corvette ZR1 a “luxury” car despite its six-figure price tag. So it is that given a choice between the distinctions, a Tesla exec said that the EV maker is “competing base don performance”, aiming to build not just a great electric car, but a great car in general.