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Tata Nano Diesel Set to Happen in 2014

Tata introduced the Nano as the world’s cheapest car in 2009, and quickly learned that “low price” does not automatically equal “high demand”. You still have to build a product that people want, as opposed to one that’s only mildly more practical (but significantly less awesome than) the Tuk Tuk you’re building it to compete […]

September 7th

Video: Reboot Buggy Brings The Automobile Back To Basics

Automakers don’t get nearly enough credit considering how far cars have come in the past 20 years. Besides being far safer and more powerful, cars are also crammed full of all sorts of technological doodads designed to coddle already-spoiled consumers. But the Reboot Buggy does away with all that fluff and gets back to basics with a bare-bones box-on-wheels that espouses the less-is-more mindset.

August 9th

VW Building $8,000 Budget Car For China

Times are still tough for many people, and buying a new car is simply out of the picture. China, however, is seeing an almost meteoric rise in car sales year after year, and a new interest in low-cost auto manufacturing could send sales through the roof. Volkswagen has announced its intention to build a budget car for Chinese consumers with a starting price around $8,000.

February 14th

India’s Tiny Vans A New Wave Of Automotive Ingenuity

The Ford Model T was really only remarkable because it was produced in such large numbers. Painted just one color (black!) and available with only the most basic of options, the Model T was a very humble vehicle built en masse. Today, America lacks such simple, basic transportation…but over in India automakers are producing a new generation of cars that harken back to the era of the Model T both in simplicity and broad appeal.

December 11th

Nissan’s Next Move: A $3,000 Car For Developing Countries

The auto industry isn’t in an easy spot these days. First world nations are reaching a critical mass of automobiles, and stringent regulations add weight and cost to cars just as consumers are demanding cheap and fuel efficient vehicles.

But Nissan seems up to the challenge, as their next big move is building a car to sell in developing nations for between $3,000 and $5,000.

October 3rd

Op-Ed: Can America Build A $5,000 Car?

Tata is currently selling the world’s cheapest car, the Nano. Tata wants to bring the car to America, where they say it will sell for between $7,000 and $8,000. So could Detroit build a $5,000 car, and profit from it? I don’t see why not. Yes, there are books of laws governing the safety and […]

March 20th

Is New Tata Nano the World’s Most Fuel Efficient Petrol Car?

[social_buttons] Struggling Indian car company Tata Motors has announced the commercial launch of the Tata Nano, the most fuel-efficient petrol-driven car in India, and quite possibly the world. The Tata Nano, keenly anticipated across India since its unveiling early last year, is capable of an incredible 23.6km/litre (55.5 mpg) and ultra-low carbon emissions of 101 […]

March 24th