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Bamboo Ethanol Could Be A Cost-Effective Gasoline Replacement

Though modern China has risen like a slumbering dragon to become an economic powerhouse, there are still plenty of old-school holdover traditions, like the extensive use of bamboo as scaffolding for working on modern buildings. The rest of the world has taken notice, with everything from mountain bikes to concept cars embracing this natural, durable, […]

December 2nd

Study: Biofuels 14x to 31x More Costly than Raising the Gas Tax

Could the cost-efficacy and net benefit of biofuels be worse than we thought? A study released by Oregon State University (OSU) economists late last year indicates that the biofuels currently mandated and under production in Europe and the United States ¨barely reduce fossil fuel use and. . .likely increase greenhouse gas emissions.¨ They´re also 14 […]

January 3rd

GMO Biofuels are Coming Soon(er)

Last week, Ars Technica reported that a team of biologists working with the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed a shortcut for processing switchgrass into biofuels. The teams focus has been on a complex polymer in switchgrass called lingen, which is described as “tough enough to support everything from […]

February 21st

BP Becomes Leader in Cellulosic Ethanol Investment, Adds $22.5M to Verenium

On Wednesday, BP anounced a joint venture with Verenium to build the world’s largest cellulosic ethanol facility.  BP’s total investment—now $112.5 million—will be the largest by an oil company in advanced, non-food-based biofuels. The Florida-based plant would be 25 times larger than Verenium’s existing (and operational) cellulosic ethanol facility in Louisiana, which began operation earlier this month […]

February 20th

New Study: Cellulosic Ethanol Could Replace 30% of Gasoline by 2030

Sandia labs just released a report indicating that by 2030, the US could produce a total of 90 billion gallons of ethanol from plant waste and energy crops, including 75 billion gallons coming from switchgrass, corn stover, wheat straw and woody crops. What’s the catch? For this fuel to be economically viable, oil will have to […]

February 11th

First Cellulosic Ethanol Plant in USA Up and Running

After a $90 million shot in the arm from oil giant BP back in August, second generation cellulosic ethanol pioneer Verenium has started production of ethanol from non-food sources such as wood chips, grass straw, and trash at their Jennings Louisiana demonstration plant (PDF). This is the first such plant to begin operation in the […]

January 9th

Flex-Fuel Kits Convert Toyota Prius to E85 Ethanol (For Less Than $1000)

[social_buttons] Dutch firm Green Fuel Systems, along with several other companies, has developed flex-fuel conversion kits for the Toyota Prius that cost less than $1,000. Converting our existing fleet to second-generation ethanol could be the best near-term play to directly replace fossil fuels. Although the concept of a hybrid/biofuel combo has been around for a […]

August 12th

Cellulosic Ethanol Primer: Let’s Call it “Celluline”

[social_buttons] Sheesh. It seems that everybody and their brothers are ethanol experts these days. But what drives me nuts is that when people are talking about ethanol, they don’t seem to know what type of ethanol they’re talking about. It’s sad because the widespread misinformation and misunderstanding is killing popular opinion for biofuels in general […]

August 7th

Diesel-Producing Grass? Researcher Thinks it’s Possible

Imagine a grass crop, grown on marginal, non-food bearing land without pesticides or much fertilizer, that, when harvested, produces an oil that needs almost no processing to be substituted for diesel fuel. [social_buttons] Much attention has been given to producing ethanol from non-food crops like grasses, but the ability to produce something indistinguishable to diesel […]

August 5th

Gas 2.0 Attending GM Cellulosic Ethanol Backgrounder on Feedstocks Tomorrow

Tomorrow, General Motors is hosting a backgrounder on cellulosic ethanol feedstocks at the Thousand Oak (CA) based laboratories of Ceres, Inc. Coverage of non-food based ethanol tends to focus on fuel production technologies, but Ceres works one step further up the supply chain: they’re using genetic technology to engineer plants optimally suited for conversion into […]

July 31st

Switchgrass Could Displace 30% of US Petroleum Usage With 94% GHG Reduction

In January, USDA researchers completed a five-year evaluation of another biofuel feedstock with the potential to make a serious dent in US petroleum usage. In the largest study to date, switchgrass has been shown to produce 540% more energy than was used to grow, harvest, and process it into cellulosic ethanol, while reducing greenhouse-gas (GHG) […]

March 14th