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Top Alternative Transportation Jobs This Week

Alternative transportation is what we do around here at Gas2, whether it’s fuel sipping hybrids, full blown EVs, bikes, or public transit. As an industry, it’s a great place to work, and a great way to make a living while making a difference. To sign up for a newsletter entirely devoted to our blog posts on […]

October 2nd

Texas Wind Power, not Fracking, Saves the Day

Devastated by droughts and faced with water supplies that have been quite literally sucked dry by the fracking industry they voted into their area, many residents of north and west Texas feel there’s nothing left to do but pray for help. Lucky for them, there are a few Texans who aren’t quite as willing to […]

January 11th

PRI 2013: Ignite Offers a New Take on Corn Oil

Ignite is widely regarded as one of the top players in the premium ethanol fuels business, and the company has powered some of the most powerful flex-fuel street cars on the road and on the racetrack– not to mention the entire USAC Midget racing field for the past few years. As such, I probably shouldn’t […]

December 16th

Fully-Sustainable SeaOrbiter Research Vessel Seeks Crowdfunding

For a dozen years, French designer Jacques Rougerie has had his idea of a totally sustainable and mobile vertical sea vessel dismissed as a sci-fi pipe dream. Against all odds though, his dream vessel is looking more and more like it might actually get built thanks to the power of crowdfunding. The sustainable research vessel […]

November 15th

Nebraska Farmers Build a Barn in the Path of Keystone Pipeline

“Farmers and ranchers in Nebraska didn’t ask to do business with TransCanada,” says the no-nonsense voice-over, “and TransCanada isn’t asking to do business with us.” That idea – that TransCanada is pushing their Keystone XL pipeline on them using political force – is the motivation behind a group of Nebraska farmers and ranchers. “They tried […]

October 7th

CSR Builds a Carbon-neutral Choo-Choo

Earlier this week, CSR announced plans to build the world’s first carbon-neutral locomotive. Set to run on biocoal (“coal” fuel created through an energy-efficient processing and compressing of cellulosic biomass), the train will will have the same performance and load-hauling capabilities as traditional coal-burning engines, but without harmful metals or volatile off-gasses. Check out the […]

May 24th