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The Future of Affordable EVs According to John Viera | Sustainable Brands 2013

At Sustainable Brands 2013, I had the opportunity to sit down with Ford’s Global Director of Sustainability, John Viera. He promised me free charging (at my friend’s homes!), and a race van that can corner like a sports car. OK, maybe I misinterpreted some things. Judge for yourself:

Your website leads with the more efficient cars in your product lineup, including the Fusion which won Green Car of the Year at last year’s LA Auto Show. Is that because the SUV’s which have previously dominated the market are finally being eschewed by customers wanting to save money on gas?

June 10th

F1 Cars Will Pit as EVs in 2014

As part of a series of rules changes designed to spur green-tech innovation and promote sustainability within the sport, Formula 1’s sanctioning body recently announced that, as of 2014, cars must travel on battery power only while in pit lane.  Effectively, the new rules will turn every F1 car on the grid into dual-mode hybrid […]

July 23rd

Formula 1 Settles on Turbo V6 Engines for 2014

The organisers behind Formula 1 have been pushing a green-tech agenda in recent years, all in a bid to remain relevant in the face of growing environmentalist pressures.  To their merit, they’ve quickly developed KERS  into a vital, race-winning technology which is being trickled down into more “real world” products from Volvo and Porsche (among […]

July 3rd

New Army Hybrid Shown at Indy 500 on Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is, of course, about honoring America’s men and women in uniform – both past and present.  For gearheads and racing fans, however, Memorial Day weekend is also about the Indianapolis 500 and the amazing feats of technology and bravery that come together for that spectacle. Technology, bravery, and (let’s be realistic) a […]

May 29th

McLaren Talks Tech, Sustainability in Formula 1 Racing

The upcoming 2011 Formula Season promises to be one of the sport’s most competitive, with a renewed emphasis on KERS hybrid technology (which disappeared from the sport in 2010).  There’s more green-washing going on in motorsports’ highest echelon, however – including an overall reduction in carbon emissions by 12% (approx. 30,000 tons) by 2012. Wired […]

February 15th

Prius' Dirty Little Secrets

Automotive News recently published their analysis of Toyota’s “sustainability report”, which looked at the Prius’ total environmental impact, “from factory to junkyard“. As expected, the Prius compared favorably in terms of lifetime emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide (according to Toyota), but unexpectedly poorly when compared to a “class average” in the […]

October 20th