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Premium Rush Movie Wants to Kill Cyclists (video)

Cycling is a huge part of urban life already, and – as gas prices climb and the desire to be more ecologically responsible becomes more mainstream – it is becoming an even huger part.  Even major automakers are starting to push out electric bicycles!  It’s understandable, then, that as bikes and cyclists are enjoying something […]

September 18th

GM Trucks Sitting on Lots as Americans Choose Fuel Efficient Cars

Need proof that America is weening itself off conspicuous oil consumption? Look no further than your local GM dealer. Once there, you’ll find the Buick brand enjoying something of a revival, and – over at the Chevy dealer – you’ll find that GM’s Volt is selling out across the country, and Chevy’s 40 mpg Cruze is selling in huge numbers (the car topped US sales in June), but GM’s trucks? Not so much.

July 22nd