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Studies Conclude Car Ownership Is On The Decline

Reports from two different, respected institutions have been making waves in the automotive world for coming to the same conclusion; America, and the world, are past the point of automotive saturation, and rather than seeing sales expand, in a few short decades the auto industry could experience a massive contraction to the tune of tens of millions of units.

January 27th

Clueless Kelley Blue Book: EVs Will Depreciate Faster than Gas Cars

USA Today recently asked the car-value “experts” at Kelly Blue Book to do some crystal ball gazing and speculate on the depreciation and resale value of today’s electric cars. That analysis suggests that, despite out-performing the rest of the market, most of today’s plug-in and electric cars will depreciate more dramatically over five years than […]

December 29th

Study Finds $25,000 Threshold A Problem For EVs

The American auto market has rebounded in a big way, with pent-up demand for new vehicles pushing many companies towards record-breaking quarters. But a big sticking point among new car buyers remains pricing, and automakers are still working to get their entry-level electric cars under the magical $25,000 price point. Navigant Research conducted a study […]

December 2nd

Most Drivers Would Opt For Self-Driving Cars

ATMs have replaced bank tellers, Netflix helped kill brick-and-mortar movie rental, and now autonomous cars threaten to deplete the ranks of drivers everywhere. A new study shows that 90% of Americans would buy an autonomous car if it meant a big discount on their insurance, and 20% would opt to never drive again. Say what? […]

November 11th

Google's Robot Cars Already Drive Better Than You Do

After hundreds of thousands of miles of testing, re-testing, compiling, and data-mining, the results are in. Google’s autonomous cars are not only better drivers than you are, they’re better than trained professionals. “We’re spending less time in near-collision states,” explains Chris Urmson, head of Google’s leads self-driving “robot car” programs and professor at Carnegie Mellon […]

October 26th

Study: Women Prefer Green Car Drivers Over Supercars

Once upon a time, all it took to impress a pretty girl was a classic Ford Mustang with a big engine and a loud exhaust, but no longer. A new study reveals that these days, women have a much more favorable opinion of a guy driving a green car, like the Toyota Prius or Nissan Leaf, than of some twat driving a supercar. But there’s surely some caveats.

October 25th