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Mercedes' Electric SLS Revealed

Mercedes finally unveiled the powertrain of its upcoming SLS eCell electric, gullwing supercar … and it is all kinds of high-tech, carbon fiber awesome. The new AMG-developed, aluminum-bodied coupe features a pushrod front suspension to minimize unsprung weight (handling’s mortal enemy) in a bid to offset the weight penalties of carrying an electric motor in […]

March 10th

Evo Drives Audi's LeMans-winning Diesel (video)

Take it from someone who’s been there: 24 hour endurance races are grueling experiences that test your patience, stamina, and sanity over 24 hours peppered with moments of joy, fear, and noise … and that’s just sitting in the stands! Endurance racing is quite a thing, in other words, and the ultra-fast prototype sportscars that […]

November 27th

Rotary-engined Mazda RX9 to Go Zoom-Zoom, Pew-Pew

Mazda‘s next rotary-powered RX sports car will be the first application of new laser-ignition technology, marking yet another “first” for the company whose identity is built on a cornerstone of rotary-powered sportscars (zoom-zoom, and all that). As we reported back in April, the use of conventional “spark” plugs to ignite fuel will soon give way to […]

June 29th

ERA RaceAbout EV, in Action!

The ERA RaceAbout electric car from Finland was one of the competitors in the recent Automotive XPrize, but while plenty of photos and specs existed, I hadn’t yet stumbled upon a good VIDEO of the car in action.  Michael Graham Richard, over at Treehugger, found this video of the little electric runabout, and I thought […]

October 20th

Lotus Shows Hints of Future Electric Cars

Editor’s note: Jo is our newest addition to the Gas 2.0 team. He’s written for us before as a guest writer, but this marks his transition to full fledged writer status. We’re pleased to have him on board. Welcome Jo! Envied worldwide for producing feather-lite supercars just itching to be made into electric torque monsters […]

January 7th