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The New Formula E Car Is The Future Of Racing

The all-electric Formula E racing series is about as forward-looking as racing gets, bringing together automakers and EV part suppliers in a unique and fascinating zero-emissions contest of speed. But while Formula E has some new and interesting ideas such as the social media-driven Fan Boost feature, the cars themselves looked like pretty much every […]

February 14th

Chevy Spark EV Proves To Be A Surprise Hit

As the first pure electric car from GM since the ill-fated EV1, the Chevy Spark EV has a lot of weight riding on its adorable roof. Yet it seems as though GM has a small hit on its hands, with sales outpacing both expectations and production, and it has proven especially popular with younger buyers […]

November 6th

Formula E Adds Bangkok Venue, Reveals Latest Race Car Design

For electric racing fans, there is no event more anticipated than the inaugural Formula E season, which kicks off next year. Several world-class cities have already been selected to host these contests of speed, and most of the schedule is already determined. This week though Bangkok was added as a host city, and Formula E also revealed what the Renault-designed race cars will look like.

This Biodiesel Corvette Race Car Can Be Yours For $3,500

Diesel-powered vehicles are gaining popularity in America, opening up many more opportunities for high fuel-efficiency and the use of biodiesel. But this next ride, a C4 Corvette, boasts a diesel powertrain that would shame even the most stalwart Corvette fans. But for those of us who cheer on the use of alternative fuels, the biodiesel-powered “Corvegge” is a vehicular wonder…and it could be yours for just $3,500.

October 31st

65 mpg Chevy Spark Diesel (!) Caught Testing in India

Chevrolet is building a diesel spark that gets over 65 mpg – and that TCDi badge on the back of a black Chevy Sonic (caught testing by a sharp-eyed team-bhp forum member) is proof. Don’t get too excited, though:  despite the fact that this TCDI tester is based on the top-end LT variant (the rear wiper […]

May 30th

40 mpg Chevy Sonic: If Joe Camel Were A Car

There it is, this generation’s Joe Camel.  Remember Joe Camel?  If you’re over 30, you definitely remember the smooth-talking cartoon Camel that was RJ Reynolds’ mascot for Camel-brand cigarettes back in the 80’s and 90’s.  Joe Camel was everywhere … until a federal court decided that you shouldn’t market products that may cause “serious injury, […]

February 10th