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Stephane Malka has an Idea to Make the Deserts Bloom

According to the UN, more and more of the Earth is turning into desert, bringing famine and dislocation to millions. Architect Stephane Malka thinks he has a solution. Looking like something out of Star Wars, Malke’s creation is a nomadic, self-sustaining city machine dubbed The Green Machine that doubles as agriculture infrastructure, The gigantic tracked vehicle […]

July 4th

Honda Installs All The Solar Panels

Solar cars are what they are – very, very cool but not entirely practical for everyday use. Honda hasn’t let that stop them from using all the solar power they can get their hands on, though; rather than build solar cars, they’re reducing their carbon footprint another way. Honda is planning to install solar panels […]

June 25th

Richard Sauter Draws Up a Hybrid Coast Guard Vessel

The low-emission design specialists at Sauter are at it again, having been hard at work designing this – a low-emission military catamaran they’ve pitched to the USCG E Class Sea Eagle, which Sauter calls “The Ultra Green Homeland Security vessel that’s tough on the bad guys, but kind to the Ecology.” We’ve covered Sauter’s designs […]

May 26th