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Siemens Proposes New Way To Power Electric Trucks

Trucks, those road going behemoths that spew millions of tons of diesel related junk into the air every year, are essential to the global economy. If it’s in your home, it probably spent some time being hauled by truck  from the factory to the store where you bought it.

June 26th

Los Angeles, Now the ELECTRIC Car Capital of America | EVS26

The Electric Vehicle Symposium is a conference where electric vehicle makers can meet and exchange knowledge. There are four days of presentations from a variety of panels of experts. Engineers present their latest research and results of current projects, which is fascinating for those of us interested in finding out the very latest news in electric vehicles.

May 8th

Me Gusta: Porsche Boxter S Ecologic Runs on LPG

The Spanish tuning house RBM Sport has developed a “bolt on” package that allows Porsche’s Boxster S to run on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG, or “autogas” in Europe). Christened the Porsche Boxster “Ecologic,” the car can be started and run on conventional gasoline, and “switched” to LPG from inside the cabin. RBM claims the little Porsche […]

October 23rd

Siemens Flies First Series-hybrid Airplane at La Bourget

We live in an age packed with hot-selling hybrid cars, hybrid boats, and even hybrid military vehicles. In fact, the whole “hybrid” thing has become so ubiquitous lately that brands like Buick and Chevrolet don’t even call their hybrids hybrids anymore. In other words, you’d be forgiven for assuming that at least a few of […]

July 9th