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Volare Hybrid Plane is Pretty, Flies

We’ve seen more than a few new-age planes here on Gas 2, from hybrid planes to full-electric planes to solar-electric planes. They’re all ugly. The new Volare, from Italian builder Volta, is free. King. Gorgeous. Just look at the thing. I want to name it “Bettina” and do dirty things to it. The beautiful, stunning, […]

May 14th

Kia to Focus on CNG Future

If Kia’s chief powertrain engineer gets his way, the Korean automaker will continue its push to reduce harmful carbon emissions by building its future models (like the Rio-based Trackster, above) to run on compressed natural gas (CNG). Dr. Joachim Hahn, speaking to the automotive press at the Geneva auto show last week, voiced his strong […]

March 11th

Stuff I Want: Scion Pit Boss Cartel iQ

As you may recall from my thrilling and engrossing commentary a year ago, the then-new Scion iQ was my favorite car of the 2011 Chicago Auto Show. After spending several hours listening to GM flaks, checking out new Hyundais and Dodge Darts, and driving around in a Fiat 500, however, it looked like the year-old […]

February 11th

2012 Chicago Auto Show

2012’s Chicago auto show was, in many ways, very similar to 2011’s Chicago auto show. For instance, GM is still pushing CNG commercial vans, the boys and girls at Scion found just the right mix of clever and whimsy to steal my heart, there was a new (boring) Honda that got upstaged by its super-slick […]

February 9th

Yamaha Y125 Concept Bike Gets 220 MPG (!)

When Yamaha announced it had stopped developing Japanese-market motorcycles over 250 cc back in August, everyone (myself included) thought it was the beginning of the end for the company’s sexy motorcycle designers. We needn’t have worried; Yamaha’s latest (revealed at last week’s Tokyo Motor Show) is this 220 mpg (188 mpg US), 80 kg, 125 […]

December 4th

Daihatsu Brings Trio of Microcars to Tokyo Show

Daihatsu may not be well-remembered here in the ‘States, but the brand is Japan’s oldest carmaker – as well as one of Asia’s top sellers, specializing in small-displacement city cars and inner-urban delivery vehicles. Despite an early withdrawal from the US in the 1990s and a more recent withdrawal from Australia, the brand continues to […]

November 13th

EICMA 2011: New Vespa 46 Wows the World

This week was EICMA, the motorcycle equivalent of the Tokyo, Geneva, and Detroit Auto Shows all rolled into one – and this little beauty was the star of the show. Officially, it’s called the Vespa 46, but they could have glued chrome badges reading “La Bella Macchina” to the side of the little blue 2-wheeler […]

November 12th

Suzie Q, Baby I Love You … in Tokyo!

I can’t prove it, but I just know that Suzuki’s marketers were listening to Creedence when they christened the company’s Renault Twizy-fighter they’re set to debut in Tokyo at this year’s 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.  Like the Twizy (and VW’s Nils, for that matter), Suzuki’s Q seats 2 in tandem, with an adjustable rear seating […]

November 12th

Awesome 80's Thing: 40 mpg, 130 mph, VW Scooter

What you see here is the 1986 VW “Scooter” concept car, first seen at that year’s Frankfurt Auto Show. This little car – I think you’ll agree – is something really special, and (unless you share an apartment with David Hasselhoff or drive a gold Porsche 924) it is surely the most awesomely 80’s German […]

October 15th