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Volvo Predicts a Slot-car Future for Over-the-road Semis

By running electrically-charged power lines through long stretches of highway roads, Volvo hopes to offer long-haul truckers electric vehicles that don’t have to stop to re-charge. Volvo’s doing this by bringing small toy technology from the 70s and 80s back, in a big way. I’m talking, of course, about slot-cars! Those of you who’ve reached […]

June 16th

Volvo Builds 2000 hp Hybrid Racer

Boije Overbrink is a Swedish truck driver with a need for speed, and ol’ Overbrink aims to meet that need with his big green buddy, Mean Green. Mean Green is Volvo’s latest attempt at building a record-breaker. Overbrink plans to enter Mean Green in a number of 500m and 1000m drag-race-style events, aiming to break […]

March 24th

CNG-Powered Semis Hit I-94

Andersen Windows‘ delivery trucks have hit the highways, and they’re being fueled by compressed natural gas that, the company believes, will save them over $25,000 per year at today’s gas prices. Per truck. More than enough, in other words, to make back the $40000 premium on CNG trucks compared to their conventional counterparts. At $5/gallon? […]

February 27th

ICTC to Build Natural Gas Corridor from UT to CA to NV (video)

A mainstream switch to non-petroleum fuels won’t be possible without the support of commercial fleets and over-the-road truck buyers, which account for a huge percentage of total miles driven. These truck fleets depend on a solid infrastructure in order to effectively schedule their job-critical operations, however, and (quite understandably) will hesitate to adopt any alternative […]

August 28th

EPA: Starting in 2014, Heavy-Duty Trucks Subject to Fuel-Efficiency Standards

In a nation suddenly concerned about squeezing as much mileage as we can out of our everyday consumer cars—and don’t get me wrong, we are correct in that goal—who’s paying attention to the big rigs?
The Federal government finally is, it turns out. For too long the large commercial trucks and buses have not been subject to the fuel-economy standards imposed on smaller vehicles, but that’s about to end with the imposition of new fuel economy standards on the larger vehicles starting in 2014.

August 22nd

FutureTruck, or: What if Optimus Prime Looked More Like a Monorail?

Meet “FutureTruck”, the result of an AirFlow Truck Company project to develop a more aerodynamic over-the-road truck which, the truck’s designers claim, would cut fuel consumption and harmful carbon emissions by as much as 50%. FutureTruck’s design process was heavily dependent on CFD software, which moves some pretty heavy numbers to determine the path air […]

July 2nd

UK Trucks "Go Long" for Cleaner Emissions

An independent UK study recently showed that increasing the overall length of commercial trucks could dramatically reduce overall emissions without compromising safety.  The study (available for download here) showed that a 2 meter increase in maximum length (without an increase in maximum weight) could “increase capacity for haulers transporting lightweight goods by up to 13%, […]

April 13th