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Ford Looking To Add Shredded Money To List Of Recyclable Materials

As automakers continue to look for ways to make themselves more profitable and efficient, their interest in renewable materials has grown and grown. With many old petroleum-based standbys growing more expensive oil prices took off, car makers like Ford are looking to renewable alternatives. One alternative the Blue Oval is looking at just happens to […]

April 23rd

Nissan LEAF's Mysterious Cold Weather Package

Here in the Northeast, we really do have four seasons (as opposed to say, California’s perpetual summer). One of those seasons is winter, and New England winters can be mild or brutal, depending on the year. That cold weather has a detrimental effect on cars, from salt on roads rusting out frames to accidents and […]

September 23rd

Upright "Seats" The Future of Air Travel?

I do not care for flying for a number of reasons. Mostly though, because I find the seats too small, the cabin too cramped, the the bellowing of jet engines quite distracting. I’d really rather drive than fly, though I realize that isn’t always an option. Airlines have been hit hard by the economy, and […]

September 16th