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MIT Study: Vehicle Emissions Cause 200,000 US Deaths per Year

In the past, we’ve written about the dangers of harmful emissions from diesels and the clear and present dangers of commuting. We’ve talked about the American Lung Association’s Minnesota division coming out in favor of cleaner-burning fuels, and we’ve talked about the Chinese government threatening to enforce emissions laws with the death penalty. Until now, […]

September 4th

Driving is For Suckers: Swing to Work Like Spider-Man!

Spider-Man ain’t nobody’s sucka, that’s fo sho! Why I’m talking like those guys from Airplane!, I’m not really sure, but it’s probably because I’m too excited to really think straight. See, Tina Casey (over at Gas 2’s sister site, Cleantechnica) just wrote up an article about Spidey’s best toys: web-shooters. “So,” I hear you asking, […]

July 22nd

A High Carb Diet Could Be A Good Thing — For Green Algae That Is

Photosynthetic green algae have the potential to be small green factories for producing alternative fuels.  Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory have shown that increasing the microbes’ overall metabolism by feeding them more carbon increases oil production as the organisms continue to grow. Getting microscopic algae to create alternative fuels is […]

July 17th

Riding the Copenhagen Wheel (w/ video)

We’ve written a number of articles covering hybrid-electric bicycles over the years – and every one of them has a comment by some clown reader that asks about the Copenhagen Wheel. As well they should! Developed by the young brainiacs at MIT, the Copenhagen Wheel is, essentially, a bolt-on item that converts any conventional bicycle […]

March 31st

Study: Prius Drivers Drive Like Pricks

My one, and only, claim to fame is that I am probably one of the only green writers in the world who hates the Toyota Prius. For me, the problem was never the car itself, which is in many ways a technological wonder. No, it was the holier-than-thou attitude of many drivers, who acted like […]

March 21st

The Trouble With Fuel Cells (and Some New Solutions)

Hydrogen fuel cells have quite a bit of potential as an alternative fuel source for quite a number of vehicles (the Mercedes fuel cell bus and the Mia Rox convertible van come to mind), but they’re not exactly cheap to make.  This is somewhat problematic. It’s the Reaction That Counts Within a standard fuel cell, […]

March 17th

Space Bugs = Space Batteries?

It’s not exactly pulling power out of thin air, but scientists at Newcastle University are awfully close. They’re using bascillus stratosphericus – a strain of super-high altitude bacteria – to help create a biofilm that doubles the performance of microbial fuel cells. While that’s still a relatively low amount of power, it would be enough […]

February 27th

Maker Faire is Over! So Start Your Own…

The beauty of the Maker Faire is to show us that we CAN make it. Want a diesel motorcycle? You can do it. Want to convert your vehicle to electric? Or steam? Go for it, these guys did! Want a suitcase you can cruise through the airport on? If my 10 year old nephew can make one, I’m sure you can too. For the Maker Faire to expand is to revive that pioneer spirit so many Americans have lost. Even the major sponsor, GE, found something fun and unusual to do with solar panels. They had a solar-powered carousel. It could’ve been a bit more Steampunk, though.

May 27th

Eco Knievel: A Macho Force For Good | Maker Faire 2011

Although the original faire in San Mateo is getting too crowded for my tastes, it remains an excellent place to instill children with a passion for creation. It’s teeming with wonderful examples of how science and math can be fun and wild. Despite feeling quite jaded elsewhere, there’s one thing that never fails to fill me with wonder and delight. And that’s a Tesla coil. Even better TWO Tesla coils! But even better than that, they’re alighting on a Faraday cage filled with children! Oh, and just when you thought it couldn’t possibly be any better….

May 26th