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Review: Testing the Fuel Shark MPG Enhancer

For just $39.95, the Fuel Shark promises that you’ll get 10% better fuel economy, better emissions, more horsepower, and a longer battery life- just by plugging a little dongle into your car’s 12V power outlet. Having spent more than few years, by now, working with heavily intelligent people who spent hours, weeks, and months hacking […]

December 20th

Renewable Fuels Standard Saves You $0.50 – 1.50 per Gallon

According to a new analysis by renowned energy economist Philip K. Verleger – who has served as an energy advisor to both Republican and Democratic Presidents – American consumers are saving between $0.50 and $1.50 per gallon on gasoline as a direct result of increased ethanol production under the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS). “The implication […]

October 5th

Will Automated Cars Save The World?

We all think we are great drivers. It is everybody else who sucks at driving. Well the truth is, we’re all pretty awful, America, and it terrifies me to know that there are many people out there behind the wheel of a two-ton bullet just waiting to end my life. But vehicle automation could do more than just reduce accidents; it could save fuel on a huge scale.

October 28th

Plug-in Hybrid F-150 Pick-up Truck Getting Put to the Test

How would someone who uses their truck for work, every day, respond to a plug-in pickup? If Ford built a full-size pickup using design notes cribbed from Chevy’s Jesus car Volt, would the savings on fuel justify the added initial costs? That’s what the fleet managers at PG&E (and the drivetrain specialists at ALTe) hope to find out, as they put a converted Ford F-150 pickup through a gauntlet of stop-and-go driving, hauling, commuting, and more next year.

August 10th

Bright’s Plug-in Hybrid Delivery Van Delivers: 40-Mile All-Electric Range, 40 MPG

[social_buttons] Indiana-based Bright Automotive has released some pretty impressive performance figures for its technically (and aerodynamically!) slick new IDEA cargo van. Aimed primarily at delivery fleets and in-town rental companies, the freshly-upgraded guppy promises to shave operating costs by thousands of dollars per year, per van. More pictures, an official company press release, and my […]

October 26th

BMW to Slash Fuel Use With Radioactive Tailpipes

[social_buttons] German car giant BMW has announced plans to attach radioactive heat-collectors to the tailpipes of future models, in a move predicted to slash fuel use and reduce carbon emissions by around 5 per cent. The massive fuel saving is bigger than the three per cent achieved by the two current key Efficient Dynamics technologies […]

March 7th