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Build a DIY Motorhome of Your Own (w/ video)

January 26th, 2014 | by Jo Borrás

DIY motorhomes and restored/modified RVs are always popular posts here on Gas 2. So, when I covered this video chronicling one man’s DIY approach to converting (what looks like) a well-used Ford Transit Connect into a survivalist motorhome on the cheap for my off-grid/zombie survival site, Insteading, I thought it might do well here, as well

EPIC DIY WIN! World's Smallest Camper – All Hail the Cramper!

June 8th, 2013 | by Jo Borrás

“We wanted the camper to be finished to the highest quality,” says Andy Saunders, of his innovative Cramper RV. “Inside, it’s fully insulated and upholstered, it has a twin hob to cook on, a sink to wash up in. It’s got a big side window and even a small bed for a power nap ... everyone who sees it says ‘Wow!’.”

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