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Forbidden Fruit: New-for-2014 Honda Cross Cub 110

With more than 60 million sold, Honda’s Cub is a big deal, and it’s in need of a serious technical update. The new 2014 Honda Cross Cub is that update – and it promises to take the best of Honda’s Cub and mix in the best part’s of “my” generation’s Honda icon: the Ruckus. How does it stand up to those two?

May 26th

Twisted n' Went, 2012

This year’s Twist n’ Gone scooter race has … twisted? Gone? Went? Either way, it’s over, and it was AMAZING! The people were great, the atmosphere was buzzing (or was that the 2-strokes?), and there were some pretty trick contenders in this year’s drag classes, too. Some of the top performers at this year’s races […]

May 16th

Twist n' Gone 2012 is Almost Upon Us

Scooters are really amazing little vehicles. They’re fun, practical, and (with 100+ mpg scoots being the norm, rather than the exception) more than carry their weight in the fight to ease Americans off of their oil addictions. One thing most scooters are not, however, is fast. Cue: Twist n’ Gone. Twist n’ Gone celebrates the […]

May 1st

When Does 90 MPG Seem Low?

That right there is the 50 cc Honda Metropolitan that’s been carrying me across Chicago these past few months. With only 50 cc pushing the little scooter along, I can’t say it’s fast – but in rush hour traffic, with big-engine pickups and ultra-fast turbocharged Porsches dicing for position among stop-and-go city trucks? It’s plenty […]

October 23rd