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Electric Rolls-Royce With Wireless Charging Is A Car We Want But Will Never Get

Why would a company create a functioning electric car, only to announce they’ll never build it? You’d have to ask Rolls-Royce, as they have done just that with an all-electric version of their Rolls-Royce Phantom. Based on the Phantom ultra-luxury car, which was originally equipped with a V12 engine, window curtains, dining tables in the back, suicide doors, brisk acceleration, and much more, Rolls-Royce executives has stated this car will never see production…but that doesn’t make it any less cool.

January 24th

Rolls-Royce Customers: No Diesel

Rolls-Royce buyers are different from most people. They don’t accept things like “compromise”, and that’s why representatives from Rolls-Royce have said their customers won’t accept a diesel version of the compny’s ultra-lux sedans. “A diesel has a lot of low-end torque,” said a source within the company. “But (Rolls’) customers are not going to cop […]

August 4th

What Economic Downturn? Bentley is Building an SUV

Remember those years before 2008, when all the cool kids drove around in jacked-up 4×4 Hummers?  The boys at British luxury brand Bentley sure do, and (in the spirit of sincere, environmental responsibility) they’ve confirmed to Auto Motor und Sport that they’re cooking up a new, massively expensive, 3 ton (!) SUV. Why, you ask? […]

July 17th

Rolls-Royce Confirms Electric Car is in the Works

[social_buttons] During a quick conversation I had with Richard Carter, Rolls-Royce’s Director of Global Communications, at the LA Auto Show this afternoon, he confirmed to me that rumors Rolls is working on an electric luxury car are true, and that it is quite possible that the release will happen within the next year—although initially it […]

December 2nd

Electric Rolls Royce On Road Within The Year?

[social_buttons] You know electric cars are serious when even Rolls Royce is considering ditching fossil fuel for electrons. The maker of luxury cars renowned the world over for their opulence is seriously considering having an electric version of its luxo-bargo Phantom on the road as early as next year… just in time for the 2012 […]

November 24th