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Which States Are Raising The Gas Tax?

Over the last few years, raising gas taxes has been a trendy answer to improving transportation infrastructure across the United States. When raising funds for improving transit, it has often been suggested that states raise the tax on gasoline and diesel fuel. This year, there are at least 9 states, according to, that are […]

March 5th

Suburbs Might be the Abandoned "Slums" of the Future

Today’s car-dependent suburbs may become the “Wild West” ghost towns future, if you believe a recent report from Planning Institute, Australia.  In their report, the PIA states that “Australia will be forced to rely on huge quantities of imported oil unless it radically overhauls its transport and urban policies,” which is old-news to readers who […]

February 14th

Roads as Emissions Eaters?

America has over 5.7 million miles of paved roads, and while some of those roads are being left to rot, many millions of miles are in dire need of repair. Could an emissions-eating asphalt help clean the air around us?

January 27th

Oregon Proposes $1 Billion-Plus Transportation Investment

[social_buttons] In a sweeping proposal intended to create jobs, inject life into the state’s economy, repair infrastructure, and bring Oregon’s transportation network into the 21st century, Governor Ted Kulongoski unveiled more than $1 billion in road, rail, bridge, mass transit and port funding yesterday. The new transportation investments would be paid for with a myriad […]

November 11th