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Roadtrek Adds Solar Power, Biodiesel to Its RV Lineup

I’ve maintained for a while now that the best way to convince someone that nature is worth preserving is to get them out into it. It seems like the people at Roadtrek agree- and they’re going a step further by offering a new B+ class motorhome that not only uses recycled materials in its construction, […]

December 7th

New Cannondale CERV is a Tour Transformer

Cannondale’s new CERV concept (Continuously Ergonomic Race Vehicle) was developed as a working prototype by Ohio-based Priority Designs. The design had to allow the handlebars to move up and down without altering the distance from the bike seat to the crank, maximizing rider comfort and muscle efficiency.

September 13th

Recycled Hawtness: Electric Willys Jeep Proves Picard > Kirk

Mike Picard is cooler than me. He’s also cooler than that snobby Shakespearean starship captain I referenced in the title. I don’t know you, but odds are that Mike Picard is cooler than you, too. That’s Mike up there, rocking along in a fully “restored” Willys Jeep … his better than new, military-grade, go-anywhere, home-built, plug-in, electric Willys overland Jeep.

September 8th

Roads as Emissions Eaters?

America has over 5.7 million miles of paved roads, and while some of those roads are being left to rot, many millions of miles are in dire need of repair. Could an emissions-eating asphalt help clean the air around us?

January 27th

Are You Ready For the Road Train?

The European Union’s “SAfe Road TRains for the Environment” (SARTRE) initiative kicked off last year, promising to ease traffic congestion and improve fuel economy while making highway travel safer and more convenient … by taking drivers out of the equation. SARTRE’s utopian vision has drivers commuting to work while reading a book, catching up on […]

December 6th

Unpaving America: Good For Green?

Ever marvel at how many millions of miles of roads there are in America? After my recent cross country adventure, I can say I am honestly in awe at how much of our country has been paved over. There seems to be no place left in America where paved roads don’t lead, which is great […]

August 19th

Chinese "Bus" Concept Straddles Highways

I complain about traffic congestion a lot, until I am reminded that compared to some parts of the world, America has it easy. I could not imagine living in Moscow or Beijing, where four-hour traffic jams are the norm. China faces an especially daunting task as their population continues to expand and urbanize; you can […]

August 4th

Solar Road Prototype Finished

Fuel efficient and alternative fuel vehicles are just one part of the solution to our future transportation problems. US highways and our transportation infrastructure are both sorely outdated, and few advancements have been made to improve the actual driving experience. One idea we covered some months ago was the Solar Roadway, which would replace traditional […]

March 17th

Hybrid Subaru Impreza On The Horizon?

I remember when Subaru first introduced the WRX version of their Impreza sedan. I vowed to one day own one. Alas, to this day I’ve yet to get my hands on one, but that vow remains. There have been murmurs of an impending Subaru hybrid vehicle for about a year now, although the company is […]

Rally Fighter Takes Flight

[social_buttons] I am a big fan of Local Motors and their crowd-sourced Rally Fighter. A custom vehicle with its own frame and body–built borrowing many bits from dozens of other cars–the Rally Fighter manages to merge fun and fuel efficiency in one cool-looking body. Plus, CEO Jay Rogers built it to prove that there is […]

February 12th

Self-Heating Roads Could Eliminate Plow Trucks

[social_buttons] I love winter, I really do. I also opted to get a 4×4 vehicle so I’m never really home bound, even in the worst blizzard. This is something not every New Englander has the luxury of owning, which means most people have to wait for those awful plow trucks to come through. Besides being […]

December 7th