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BMW i3 Becomes Mobile ATM For Polish Bank

Originally posted on EVObsession ATMs were once considered a revolution in convenience, able to dispense money without a human bank teller being there. But nowadays, needing to find an ATM to get some money out of the bank can be a real hastle. That’s why Poland’s IdeaBank turned four BMW i3 electric cars into mobile […]

Green News Roundup: December 9th, 2011

Friday is here, and we’re all just a few hours away from the weekend. Huzzah! Until then though, here’s a few green news stories to get you through the next eight hours. Some of today’s highlights include a Smart EV range-extending trailer, GM to use more carbon fiber and composite materials, and Aptera’s founder to […]

December 9th

World’s Top 10 Fastest Electric Cars

Think a Ferrari is fast? Watch one get schooled below. Electric cars are no joke. Yes, it’s true that many EVs are small, ungainly-looking oddities, but the other end of the spectrum—the realm of high-performance supercars—might surprise you. [social_buttons] After re-discovering a 1972 electric datsun that can accelerate from 0-60 in 3 seconds, we decided that […]

March 29th