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West Virginia Crisis is One More Nail in Coal's Coffin

How bad is the chemical spill crisis in West Virginia? It’s bad enough that Wal-Mart had to call in a police escort to “protect” a shipment of bottled water into an area where the water has been deemed unsafe to bathe with, brush your teeth with, or wash your clothes with. It’s almost enough for […]

January 11th

GM Announces Bi-Fuel 2014 Chevy Impala

At a recent conference on the 40th Anniversary of the OPEC embargo (aka “the 1973 oil crisis“), GM CEO Dan Akerson highlighted the need for domestic energy sources by revealing a new for model-year 2015 Chevy Impala bi-fuel sedan, capable of running on both gasoline and compressed natural gas (CNG). That’s not too long after […]

October 17th

Virginia’s Governor Proposes Anti-EV Legislation

In some parts of the country, there is a very real and rational discussion about the role electric vehicles will play in transportation, especially when it comes to paying taxes. Without the need to buy gasoline, EVs avoid paying for taxes on the same roads they use. But a proposal by Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell would eliminate the gas tax, while levying a $115 a year free on electric and plug-in hybrid drivers. Seriously?

January 28th

Election 2012 Alternative Fuel Wrap Up

Politically, a line was drawn clearly in the sand separating the ideological views of conservatives and liberals in terms of their option on the current state of alternative fuels in the United States. With President Obama reelected it seems that the current support for alternative fuels will continue. One would think that it would mean that cries for fiscal responsibility from the right will not be far behind; however that might not be the case.

November 21st

Navy Pisses Off GOP Politicians With $210 Million Biofuel Purchase

The United States Navy is the single largest purchaser of diesel fuel in the world, and it is no wonder why; have you ever seen a Nimitz-class supercarrier in person? It’s friggin’ huge. So it is no wonder that the Navy wants to explore homegrown alternatives to the foreign oil that it uses right now. A recent $210 million biofuel purchase by the Navy to three U.S.-based refining operations has pissed off some members of the Republican party who still think we’re sitting on an unlimited and uninterrupted supply of oil.

Senate Passes Transportation Bill, GOP Says No Way

This Wednesday saw the U.S. Senate approval of a two year $109 billion transportation and infrastructure bill. Now the ball is in the House Republicans court. The federal highway trust fund is set to expire at the end of March. The United States Highway Trust Fund is a transportation fund which receives money from federal […]

March 21st

Big Oil Goes to Washington to Defend Tax Subsidies

On the heels of reporting (more) record breaking profits, and just as gas prices hit $4 a gallon nationwide, Big Oil has been called to Washington to defend billions in tax subsidies that some politicians to strip away. The five largest oil producers in the U.S.; Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, BP America, and Shellby took in […]