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WrightSpeed Links With AxleTech To Make Heavy Duty Electric Truck Drivetrains

WrightSpeed manufacturers an innovative heavy duty electric truck propulsion system. The key to its range extended vehicle (REV) powertrain is a small multi-fuel turbine range extender engine that company head Ian Wright claims is 30% more efficient than any other turbine on the market. It provides 80 kW of power to keep the onboard batteries […]

May 15th

Upgraded BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter Coming

I have just returned from Italy, where getting around on scooters is practically a national religion. They range from tiny (and tinny) 50 cc models suitable only for use in crowded urban environments on up to 650 cc offerings that can take on major highways. In general, scooters offer a lower riding position than traditional […]

September 21st

1st KERS System For Freight Trucks Launched

Via EV Obsession: The world’s first commercial Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) for road freight trucks/vehicles was recently unveiled by Skeleton Technologies and Adgero SARL. The new system can reportedly reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions by 15–25% — depending upon traffic circumstances and terrain. The new Adgero Hybrid System is composed of a bank […]

September 24th

In Russia, Tesla Model S Charges You!

Originally posted on CleanTechnica With more than 2,000 Superchargers all across Europe, the United States, and China, Tesla Motors is making it easier than ever for Model S owners to drive and charge for free. But what if you happen to own a Model S outside of one of Tesla’s officially supported markets? For the […]

10 Things To Consider Before You Start An EV Conversion

The folks at Rebbl know a lot about converting a car with an internal combustion engine into an electric vehicle. They have made mistakes and learned from them so you don’t have to. Now they have taken all the hard earned knowledge and used it to create a list of 10 things you should ask yourself before you start your […]

December 22nd