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All Electric Toyota Supercar Coming?

Reliable. Dependable. Boring. That is what most people have to say about their Toyotas. Ok, maybe not the third one, but anybody who is really into cars can see where I am coming from. There isn’t anything exciting or even turbocharged in the Toyota lineup. But there was a time when Toyota actually made some […]

Finnish ‘Electric Race About’ to Participate in X-Prize

Finland isn’t exactly a tour de force in the automotive industry. The small, scrappy Scandinavian country is mostly known for its exports of electronics and ships, as well as the tenacity of its Skiing soliders. But cars? That’s for the Swedes! Though maybe not anymore. Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences has unveiled its Electric Race About […]

Flying Solar-Powered Sailboat Concept Inspires

I’m a big fan of science fiction. The genre has instilled some high expectations in me for the coming decades, as well as tempered my imagination against vaporware that works only on paper. But it is good to loosen the grip of reality sometimes. This flying sailboat concept is just such vaporware, although it is […]

March 10th

DeltaWing Concept Could Mean Big Changes For Racing

[social_buttons] Part Bat-Mobile, part jet fighter, all race car. That is the best way to describe the DeltaWing IndyCar Concept, which is on display at the Chicago Auto Show right now. The DeltaWing’s creators hope that the revolutionary design could be “the future of open wheel racing”. It certainly looks like something straight from the […]

February 16th

Porsche to Unveil Flywheel-Hybrid 911 GT3

[social_buttons] Some automakers can’t make up their minds. Or maybe they just like confusing the public. Such is the case with Porsche, which has been playing a back-and-forth game with the whole hybrid 911 idea. First they dangle it out in front of the public, hinting that maybe they are making a hybrid and spy […]

February 11th

Epic Drag Race Fail: Electric Skateboard Vs Battery-Powered Dune Buggy

[social_buttons] As we’ve reported over the last few weeks, sometimes electric-powered drag racing can break boundaries in exciting new ways. The electric motorbike that rockets from 0-60mph in under a second, and a 1972 Datsun that just happens to be the world’s (second) fastest elecric car spring to mind. Sometimes though, EV face-offs on the […]

April 29th