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Watch Hunters Blast New Species in Epic's EV Action Promo (video)

California electric-vehicle manufacturer Epic uploaded a new promotional video yesterday, playing up the off-road capabilities of its AMP electric ATV. In the video (below) a team of environmentally-conscious hunters are enjoying Epic’s ultra-quiet and (therefor) super-sneaky side-by-side when they stumble upon some holographic alien technology lodged inside a human skull, which summons a giant wasp […]

September 24th

Air-powered Scooter is Less Barbie Vespa, More Iron Man Moped

Like many green-tech enthusiasts, I’m simultaneously a fan of cutting-edge green tech, scooters, and the sort of pie-in-the-sky “vaporware” projects that push the boundaries of what we think of as possible.  As such, the compressed-air propelled scooter concept (above) is flipping all of my switches. It’s called the Hornet, and it combines a compressed-air engine, […]

August 20th

What Economic Downturn? Rolls-Royce Sales Up 64%

Gas 2.0 is about a lot of things.  Alternative fuels, electric vehicles, and – yes – the relevant politics and policies involved.  Gas 2.0 is about cars, too, and the state of the automotive industry is something that directly impacts every attempt to move away from fossil fuels. So, what is the state of the […]

July 10th

Mercedes: Anything Rolls Can Do, Benz Can Do

Talk to anyone at Mercedes-Benz, and they’ll tell you that their S Class sedan is the best car in the world.  Unfortunately, “the Best Car in the World” was trademarked long ago – by Rolls Royce, and people like Freddy Mercury, John Lennon, and Lawrence of Arabia (who drove his Rolls Royce into war) have […]

May 8th

HondaJet, A Lighter Kind of Airplane, Makes Maiden Voyage

While we all know Honda makes cars and motorcycles, did you know they also make garden equipment, power generators, and even robots? Apparently they now make planes too, and their first aircraft, the HondaJet, uses 20% less fuel than competitors. The super-light plane is made from composite materials, a combination of carbon fiber (often used […]

January 7th

11 Practical Reasons to Buy an Electric Car

[social_buttons] Over the holidays I saw at least two lists dueling it out as to why electric cars may or may not be in your future. Those lists spanned the gamut from “Dude, they’re too expensive!“, to “Oil’s peaking, get off petroleum now!” But, although they brought up some food for thought, what those lists […]

January 12th