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Transit Data In Motion

In 2016, transit data is important to any urban city. Without access to this information, people are left to guess how long it will take to get from point A to point B, the norm just a few decades ago, but a luxury that most nowadays are unwilling to live without. It took many years to […]

February 15th

Nashville Goes With Proterra Instead of BYD for EV Buses

Last week Proterra, a manufacturer of EV buses, announced the sale of seven electric buses and a charging station to the Nashville MTA. The MTA selected South Carolina-based Proterra over China-based Build Your Dreams (BYD) EV-bus manufacturer after a competitive bidding process. But while Proterra may have won the battle in Nashville, the war between Proterra […]

March 5th

Zero-Car Families On The Rise

Twenty years ago, raising a family in America without access to a car was all but unheard of as cheap gas and a fully-functioning interstate system made road travel fast and easy. These days a host of alternatives to driving makes car ownership increasingly optional, and the trend is spreading among young people who find smartphones more affordable than automobiles.

October 14th

The College Commute: How To Save On Your Way To Class

It wasn’t all that long ago that I was a poor college student hard hit for cash. The thought never occurred to me that maybe I could save a few buck by walking or biking to class instead of storming around campus in my 1995 Pontiac Trans Am. Man, I miss that car. Today, college students are more keen on their transportation options, and this handy-dandy infographic breaks down the most popular options.

January 24th

Video: The Best Mass Transit Ad Ever?

I think it is safe to assert that, at least here in America, public transportation gets a bad rap. But it doesn’t have to be that way, especially since more and more Americans are demanding better public transit services.

Too bad we don’t have advertisements like this next video from Denmark, ominously titled “The Bus.” Does this video make mass transit look cool or what?

September 19th