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Top 5 Reasons to NOT Convert Your Car to Propane or LPG

There’s been a lot of talk lately about bi-fuel cars running on LPG and propane, most notably from Chrysler and Lancia in Europe, but in the US as well, with several companies offering propane conversion kits. Propane has a few advantages of gasoline, of course. It tends to burn more cleanly, it’s cheaper, etc. Still, […]

July 9th

Video: New American Supercar Sets Alt-Fuel World Records

Weaning America off of oil consumption isn’t just a matter of healing the environment; it is a matter of national security. Nothing appeals to conservatives more than national security…except perhaps fast cars. The Maxximus LNG 2000 a dual-fuel supercar, combines fast cars with the notion of domestic energy production securing America’s energy future. Last month, […]

April 17th

Kia to Focus on CNG Future

If Kia’s chief powertrain engineer gets his way, the Korean automaker will continue its push to reduce harmful carbon emissions by building its future models (like the Rio-based Trackster, above) to run on compressed natural gas (CNG). Dr. Joachim Hahn, speaking to the automotive press at the Geneva auto show last week, voiced his strong […]

March 11th

New LNG Viking Cruise Ship Cuts Emissions

The commercial shipping has taken a lot of criticism in recent years over its massive output of harmful carbon emissions. Proposed solutions to the problem have ranged from solar-diesel hybrids, to pure-solar car-haulers, to massive sailing ships … but AGA and Viking Cruise Lines may have a more “immediate” solution. In a bid to cut […]

February 26th

NATGAS Act Leaves Out Propane: What's The Problem With Propane?

In April Members of Congress introduced the New Alternative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions Act (NATGAS). The NATGAS Act creates tax treatment to subsidize the production, use, and purchase of natural gas vehicles. Supporters of the Act argue that it promotes fuel competition and reduces foreign oil dependence and greenhouse gas emissions. There was one […]

December 21st