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This Cardboard Bicycle is Better Than You Think (w/ video)

Inspired by water-cooler talk about a cardboard canoe, inventor and craftsman Izhar Gafni became obsessed with the idea of a cardboard bicycle. Despite Gafni’s enthusiasm and technical/design prowess in the field of mechanical and bio-medical engineering, however, a number of his engineering buddies told him it couldn’t be done. Cardboard didn’t have the structural properties required to build a usable, durable bicycle frame. It was impossible … but people like Gafni love s*** that’s impossible.

August 6th

Wireless EV Charging Reaches Europe

Remember wireless EV charging? It’s catching on. Automotive manufacturer Karabag is starting a new research project in Hamburg, testing out how to make the best magnetic induction EV charger possible. Nissan is, of course, still pushing forward with its wireless charger for the Leaf. Researchers pushing ahead with inductive charging technology are counting on it […]

December 17th

O2's Air-powered Bike is Oh-Too-Cool

After a few months of regularly commuting on two wheels, I have come to a conclusion: two wheeled rides are awesome. That said, two-wheeled vehicles of all kinds are not without their drawbacks. Pedal-powered bikes, for example, are great exercise and good for the environment – but no one wants to get sweaty and gross on […]

November 5th

Folding e-bike Commuter Concept Set for Production

Gabriel Wartofsky hopes his pedal-assist electric folder will help reveal what he calls “the hidden magic” of commuting by bicycle to the American public … and, after two years of trying, it seems like his innovative design is finally ready for prime-time production. The pre-production prototype of Wartofsky’s e-bike (below) remains true to the original […]

October 15th

Air-powered Scooter is Less Barbie Vespa, More Iron Man Moped

Like many green-tech enthusiasts, I’m simultaneously a fan of cutting-edge green tech, scooters, and the sort of pie-in-the-sky “vaporware” projects that push the boundaries of what we think of as possible.  As such, the compressed-air propelled scooter concept (above) is flipping all of my switches. It’s called the Hornet, and it combines a compressed-air engine, […]

August 20th

Sweet Dreams: Tesla Current Concept

With oodles of doodles filling the pages of his notebooks, Max Ostap is just like many thousands of car-obsessed students.  Unlike the vast majority of those thousands of other students, however, Max is actually talented – as evidenced by his latest student proposal:  a slick neo-modern luxury sedan he calls the Tesla Current. Make no […]

July 10th

Your Electric Motorcycle is Sooo Mainstream

I love Hipster Kitty – the Internet meme that pokes good-natured fun at our friends who try just a bit too hard to be different.  We all have them (or are them), we all love them, and we all know they’d go nuts over Brooklyn Motorized’s new/old lineup of electric motorcycles. The bikes themselves are […]

April 4th

Recycled Hawtness: Architect's Airstream RV is a DIY Dream

Gas 2.0 editor Chris DeMorro has said that the greenest car is the one that’s already been built.  That’s a claim that’s open to some debate, I’m sure, but it’s a claim that’s based on proven ideas and methods like conservation of resources and recycling.  With something like an RV camper, however (which is 100% […]

March 19th